Immigrant Families, please move to the head of the Medicaid line.

It’s that time of year.

The Utah legislature is in session.

In all  their glory.

As usual, there are those who choose to focus on balancing the budget on the backs of our most vulnerable.

Services for the disabled in the state of Utah are a relatively small part of the budget.

And cuts to these services are nothing less than devastating.

Last year disabled programs took a disproportionate hits compared to other areas cut.



not proportionate; out of proportion, as in size or number.

too much; overdone




This year the cuts could be much worse.  As much as 7 percent.

The leaders of Utah should be ashamed of how they treat the special needs population in this state.

Especially as many would stand up on Sunday to  proclaim their testimony of the magnificence of the spirits of those like Parker.

Yet on Monday vote to make the lives of these magnificent spirits harder.

Their worth less valued.

As these same men and women vote to make cuts for the disabled, they gather to create S.B. 44, which would provide health insurance to the children of immigrants who have yet to even live here 5 year.  (Previously, even those here legally were required to wait 5 years before receiving government assistance.)

Not to mention the illegal immigrants who don’t even need proof of citizenship to receive not only medical care, but services such as WIC.

34 In accordance with the provisions of the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program

35 Reauthorization Act of 2009, Pub. L. No. 111-3, and all other applicable requirements of

36 federal law and rule, the department shall amend the state Medicaid plan to provide coverage

37 under the Medicaid program to a client who is:

38 (1) a child; and

39 (2) a legal immigrant to the United States, regardless of the length of time that the

40 person described in Subsection (1) has been in the United States.

*This bill would  waive the usual 5 year wait for immigrants to be able to apply for Medicaid.*

While my child, a child born to parents who have no place else to turn, no easy border to cross, or even the physical ability to do so,   has services stripped away.

Families of a child with special needs can wait for years to make their way onto the list of those receiving Medicaid.

Many never reach that coveted spot, losing their  homes as they mark their time

Public access to benefits for immigrant families, no waiting required.

Utah, your  generosity is impressive.

Unless of course you are a person with special needs.

Then you, and your family, are screwed.

Very generously and impressively screwed.

ps: Utah legislators, how are you enjoying those brand spankin’ new big screen televisions you voted to supply yourselves with last year?


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