I’ll Take A Nissen With That G-Tube, Please

We made it up to Primary Children’s hospital today with time to spare for Parker’s Upper GI appointment.

Reed gets a bit stabby if we don’t get some place early.

Unfortunately our appointment time came………..and went.

Having to wait over an hour for Parker’s turn to get his tummy filled with barium also tends to make Reed a bit stabby.


Finally our turn arrives.

Wait, let me rephrase that. 

Thankfully our turn arrives.

Because someone’s stabby was starting to get on my nerves.

Just sayin’.

Upper GI shows that Parker’s g-tube placement is perfect.  This doesn’t surprise me because our surgeon is beyond the amazing.

The Upper GI did show that Parker was aspirating past his trach.

But the absolute proof that my kid has some pretty big issues with his feeds going in via his g-tube and out of his mouth and trach came while we were sitting in the Surgeon’s office.

Our sweet Brave Hero turned his head, looked his Dad straight in the eye and then proceeded to ‘urp up a big old mouthful of the barium that had just 45 minutes ago been administered through his g-tube.

Hello, proof positive that my kid has  issues with aspiration.

I woulda’ taken that moment to stand up and yell, “See, I TOLD YOU SO!”, but stuff like that also tends to make Reed even more stabby, and I didn’t want to push my luck.


Unfortunately there is a really (realllly) good chance that the surgery for the Nissen which will take place on the 17th along with the stoma revision, Bronch, and tubes, will land us in the hospital over Christmas.

This of course would suck.  Mightily.

But to find proof of something that could oh. so.  help. the health of Parker’s lungs outweighs everything else right now.

I’m sure Santa won’t mind having to visit Parker in his favorite room on the trach pod rather than at home this year.   Cause if there’s one thing I know, it’s our Hero has been an exceptionally good and brave boy this year.


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