We got news of part of the Quantitative Immunoglobulin test that was drawn up at Primary’s last week. Parker’s IgM antibodies are pretty low. IgM antibodies are the first ones to the party at the start of an infection. They can also signal other antibodies to be produced if needed to fight infection. So, if I am understanding this correctly, Parker’s first line of defense against an infection is compromised. He gets sick easily, and obviously doesn’t get healthy quickly, if at all. I can’t think of even a 10 day period where this kid was healthy.

The rest of the results should be back on Monday.

Still no news on the BNP. I’m scared spitless on that one.

But I believe that if Parker wasn’t always so sick that his BNP wouldn’t be sky-rocketing in the first place. So maybe if there is something to help boost his immune system that will help get and keep him healthier then that will help Parker’s PH levels as well.

A Mom’s gotta have hope.

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