If You Give A Parker A Pumpkin……

So…what do you get when you combine:

Baby Pumpkins


Finger Paints


And one Brave Hero?

Besides a terrifying mess that you only have yourself to blame for?

All in the name of education, of course.



Ooohh, this is kinda cool.


Drat! I painted red where I wanted yellow!


Come a little closer, Mom. How about a kiss?

(The hands you see belong to Parker’s OT. I enlisted her help in this activity so that I could man the camera!)

How blessed are we?

We are up at PCMC today for a quickie.

A quickie surgery to place new tubes in Parker’s ears and do some work on his teeth.

We are so very fortunate to have been able to arrange both surgeries at the same time.

There may be times I crab about PCMC, but I can honestly say that I am very thankful to have them so close to us.

Like I said. Blessed.


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