Idle Busyness

I spent a big part of Saturday decorating for Christmas.

Up the ladder.  Down the ladder.  Back up the ladder.  And then back down.

They really should include Holiday decorating as part of the Biggest Loser Workout, don’t you think?

k 002

This is the view from the top of my stairs down towards the basement landing.  It takes a rather tall ladder to reach this shelf.  But I’m nothing if not stubborn…….ah persistent, and I finally got it the way I liked it.

Which meant that I could finally have my slave labor….er Rigel, put the ladder back in the garage.

Five minutes later most of the beaded garland fell down, leaving the one lonely strand.

Five minutes after this picture was taken the stocking joined the beaded garland.

At which point I may have uttered a few shall we say, Scrooge like phrases.

(Who me? Partake in a verbal exhibition of bad temper?  Like a drunken sailor, baby.)

Truth be told, I’m trying to drown myself in mindless stuff to take my thoughts off the testing Parker is scheduled for this week and the surgery scheduled on the 17th.

Although, maybe if I had been paying better attention my beaded garland and stocking would still be hanging from the shelving with care, no?

I found this great tute for a Christmas Tree sweatshirt to make for both Kenny and Parker.

k 005

Of course I’ll be making Parker’s with more studly vibes.

I’m a total ribbon addict, so having most of this already on hand was nice. I’m not the only one who gets all giddy when in the presence of a beautiful bit of narrow goodness, am I?

k 008

I’ll use these two giant buttons to act as each tree’s star. Bling is beautiful, but not at over $2.00 a pop for a sweatshirt that will only be worn for the month.

Besides taking my mind off the future, I figure that making this sweatshirt for Kensley to have while Parker and I are in the hospital might help her through that week.

Having your brother go through yet another surgery and hospital stay is hard on a big sister’s heart.

I’m also working on a few things to make Parker’s recovery pass a little easier.

k 009

I’m almost done cutting out this felt board story. It is called “Santa Wore A Red Suit” and is sung to the tune of “Mary Wore A Red Dress.”

Santa wore a green (or whatever color of suit you choose) suit, green suit, green suit.
Santa wore a green suit all day long.

But, wait! Santa doesn’t wear a GREEN suit!

What color of suit does Santa wear?

k 010

And then continue on with all the colors of suits you’ve made, saving the red suit for last.

So, what type of idle busy-ness do you partake of to keep the time from standing too still and the worry from wrecking too much havoc?


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