I remember….

I remember when nobody thought you would see your first birthday, and now you are hot on the trail of number SEVEN.   Seven is a magical number.  I can’t wait to discover what exciting adventures SEVEN has in store for you this year.



I remember when they told us of your chances of not being born a standard model Hodson kid.  I remember how all your brothers and sisters came to me and told me that they already loved you…..no matter what.


I remember how after a particularly grisly surgery, your surgeon came in to see how you were doing.  You stood up in that hospital crib and gave him a hug.  I remember…..that surgeon began to cry at the love you showed him.


I remember how sick you’ve been.  I’ll never take a day of your being healthy for granted.  I will always do what ever it takes to help you grow stronger and live your life to the fullest.


I remember how your love for books got us through the first several years of your life.  Being too sick to do anything but sit in my arms as I read book after book after book to you.  Your love of books is still strong.


I remember all the blessings, the joy, and beauty that you have brought into my life.  And I promise to never, ever forget.


  1. Heidi Nov 15, 11
    • Tammy and Parker Nov 15, 11
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  4. Laura M Ptacek Nov 15, 11
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    Nov 26, 11
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