I love me a good miracle.

Parker was born with a list of diagnoses longer than he was.  Each diagnosis started with the word ‘severe.’  Unbeknownst to me at the time, nobody expected Parker to make it to his first birthday.  The fact that he is here today could be considered a miracle.

I love me a good miracle. 

This kid has spent a lot of time in the PICU circling the drain and us thinking about having to  say our final goodbyes.   Thankfully, he pulled through.

I love me a good miracle.

Parker’s first right heart cath came back beyond severe.  His second came back looking a little bit better.  His third was back in the way too high zone.  His fourth was improved.

I love me a good miracle. 

There are many times when we aren’t sure where we are going to get the money to pay for something that Parker needs.  And yet his needs are always met.

I love me a good miracle.

I hopes that Parker’s cache of miracles is no where close to empty yet.

I’d love to lay claim to one on May 6th, Parker’s next cardiologist visit.  EKGs stress me out.  Cardiologists stress me out.  The news we get from EKGs and Cardiologists often stress me out.

I love me a good miracle. 

I also love to hear about the miracles others have experienced.  Especially if those others are Mamas to kids with special needs.

special needs parenting

Oh, how I love this child.

So, like I said……I love me a good miracle.   Take a moment and share one of YOURS with me.   I promise to love it.



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