I Believe In Miracles


I’ve had people asking if they can enter this quilt raffle online via Parker’s site. So, I called to find out.

And….YES!…you can. You can just use the donation button on the right hand side of Parker’s blog to donate via Pay Pal. For every $5.00 donation we’ll make sure your name gets added to the jar at Reed’s school.

Or if you prefer, you can just ask that your donation go towards a Gingerbread Hug for Parker.

There are also a couple of other things besides the quilt that you can win.

The raffle goes until December 17th.

Reed and I  have been talking a lot lately about the impending end to Parker being covered by our private insurance.

Hit a million bucks, and *kaput*………you’re outta there.  Careful not to let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.  Cause they won’t cover any damage it causes.

One would think that with all the stuff our insurance has denied for Parker it would take forever before he reached that one million dollar mark.

Not so.

We were pretty shocked to discover all the things that Medicaid doesn’t cover.

For instance Medicaid only allows 1.5 trach noses a day for a child.  Uh.  One cough could easily produce enough gunk to render a trach nose useless.  We go through five noses a day.  Easily.  Anything over the 1.5 noses would come out of our pocket.

And Parker’s Tracleer.  Tracleer isn’t covered by Medicaid.  Tracleer runs several thousand a month.  It keeps kids with PH alive.

Then there is the new vent that we still need to figure out how to pay for.

Some amazing folks at Reed’s school got together to help out with Parker’s medical needs.   From the teachers to the parents to the school community council,  to the kids.

It’s a bit of a holiday miracle.

These are people that have known Reed for years.  People he works with every day.  People that would know if our family was trying to scam anyone. 

(I just thought I’d add that little disclaimer in case there were any trolls out there feeling frisky.)


There is a raffle for an amazing handmade quilt. It is gorgeous. For every $5.00 donation a person can enter one time to have their name chosen to win this quilt.


For those who may not want to enter to win the quilt, but still want to donate, they can put their name on a Gingerbread Man and each Gingerbread Man gets put up on a wall in the school.


The goal is to get enough Gingerbread Men to go around the entire building.


Some of the Gingerbread Men even come with Birthday Wishes for our Brave Hero.


Can you feel the love coming from these Gingerbread Hugs?


If you look closely you can see the quilting. It is truly breathtaking!

Especially for someone who breaks a sweat when confronted with having to sew on a button.

Every penny donated to this labor of love will go directly towards Parker’s medical fund.

All around my house we have signs that read, “BELIEVE”. Most people put signs like this out just at Christmas time. But not our family.

Believe is kind of our family motto.

Believing inspires faith. And faith inspires miracles.

Kinda like this one.


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