I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have written this post and turned right around and deleted it.

It has been a lot, a lot of times.

This is a very humbling subject for me to address.

Many generous readers email me asking what our family might need. They would like to help Parker. What could they send? I spend a lot of time not knowing what to say in reply to these emails. But while I’m thinking about how to reply, I tuck each email into a Love For Parker Folder I have on my computer. Today I opened that folder and found 35 emails asking how others could help Parker.

35 emails. 35 people asking how they could help.

If the truth be known, I worry that people will think that the only reason I blog is to seem needy and whiny. Or that people won’t realize that Reed works two jobs to help make ends meet. I worry that people won’t know how thankful we are to have Parker. And how we would do any and every thing necessary to meet his medical needs.

So I read these loved filled emails and then I tuck them away until I know how to reply.

Because it is so very humbling.

I was talking to my Mom today about this very thing. I told her that each email made me cry because of the love they were written with. But I simply didn’t know how to make a list of things that they could do for Parker to send back to them.

My Mom gave me some good advice I think. She told me that there are lots of people who want to help and each has their own different reason for this desire. Kind of like the sweet Mom who sent Parker’s beloved Big Bertha stroller to us. This Mom loved and lost a child once. And each year they gift an item to a family to honor the memory of this sweet son, Alex Charles, they love and miss so much.

And then my Mom told me that if people really didn’t want to help, they wouldn’t have taken the time to email.

But the one thing that stuck out most in my mind is her telling me that one day Reed and I would again be in a position to ‘pay forward’ all that has been done for our family and for Parker. Because one day Parker would be healthy. His medical needs will dwindle……as will our medical bills. She firmly believes that.

So, I promised her that I would go ahead and list things that Parker could use. No matter how humbling of an experience it was. But instead of sending out 35 emails I am just going to post it here. I hope everyone understands.

We finally have feeding therapies arranged for Parker. We tried for months to get our local school district to help us out here……to no avail. These therapies, along with the fuel to get there are going to be a tad bit pricey. And that is putting it mildly. Donations to Parker’s medical fund would go towards that, along with his medical bills.

I’ve been asked what kind of stores we have here and if gift cards could be sent. We have Target, Albertson’s Wal-Mart, and Smiths. I do a monthly run to Costco for items that are cheapest there and then I fill in with sale items from the above stores.

Inquiries have been made about donating to my son Brant’s missionary fund. That would be wonderful.

I’ve been asked if Parker needs anything specific. My reply would be:

just regular pre-school stuff would be wonderful. Because of his fragile health there is no way Parker can attend a public school. We will be homeschooling our guy. Last year Parker had an amazing pre-school teacher that came twice a week. This year she will only be able to come once a week. So, I’ve continued to create units to use with Parker in anticipation of this. I have two degrees in education is time to put them back to use.

I think that answers all the questions. You’ll find me and Parky at

And this time I promise to reply.

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