How too many in this world view those with special needs.

I had to check to make sure that this was a satire site.  The post, entitled  Belgium: Senate Approves Measure Allowing Doctors to Euthanize Children had to be something from The Onion, right?   It couldn’t be reality.  It couldn’t really be reflective of how too many in this world view those with special needs.

And yet it was real.

The Belgian Senate voted today 50-17 to extend euthanasia to children with disabilities, in a move pro-life advocates worldwide had been fearing would come and expand an already much-abused euthanasia law even further.

Since when does a KID with DISABILITIES have the resources to make the decision as to whether they want to be euthanized?   Do they even understand the concept?

Who is this bill REALLY for?  Those with disabilities?   I think not.

“The Belgian Socialist government is adamant that the euthanasia law needs to extend to minors and people with dementia even though there is significant examples of how the current law is being abused and the bracket creep of acceptable reasons for euthanasia continues to grow. The current practice of euthanasia in Belgium appears to have become an easy way to cover-up medical errors.”

Well. lookie there. Who’d a thunk it.  A bill to make it easier to get rid of any and all of the ‘not perfect enoughs.’  A way to cover up any blunders and even nurses are killing their patients if they deem it necessary.

A little boy with special needs and his grandma

I am eternally grateful to all of those who love and welcome Parker into their hearts.  It might not take a village to raise a child, but it often takes one to keep a medically fragile child with special needs alive.  I can’t help but wonder why the people of Belgium allowed this bill to even see the  light of day.

So much for that whole ‘peace on earth good will to men’ thing, eh?

I guess you only qualify for good will if your body and mind are nothing less than perfect.


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