How to survive a breathing treatment

Parker receives a breathing treatment 4 times a day, morning, afternoon, before bed, and once during the night.  That’s a lot of sitting and waiting for a Brave Hero with better things to do! We often bring all the breathing treatment stuff into the family room and let him sit in the recliner and have his treatments there instead of in his bedroom.  I spray painted a grungy rolling cart this summer so moving things around is now a breeze.  Still, there are days when, despite our best efforts, the time it takes to make it through a breathing treatment seems more like HOURS rather than the 30-45 minutes it actually takes from start to finish.

Here’s our set up.

breathing treatment set up

Our breathing treatment set up.


A little boy with special needs

Counting skeleton bones.




A little boy with special needs

We’re in this together!


a sister and her brother with down syndrome

Pirate kisses!


disco ball

Singing with the disco ball!


siblings of kids with special needs

Hang on Buddy. We’re almost done.

How do YOU do it?  How do you help your kids through multiple breathing treatments a day?

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