How to freeze avocados for blenderized diets.

Last week our local Sprouts had a sale on avocados for .49 cents each.  Seeing as I had just paid over a dollar for the avocados I had just purchased for Parker’s blenderized diet, I was beyond thrilled.  I found myself wishing that I could somehow buy a bunch of these on sale avocados, but having them all go ripe on me at once wasn’t going to help any.  I had a Eureka moment when I wondered if avocados could be frozen.  I did a quite internet search and I’m happy to report that I now know how to freeze avocados for blenderized diets.

avocados in a bowl


It’s super easy.  I used my Food Saver, but you could use plastic wrap and them put them in a freezer bag.

The only bags I had on hand were way too big for just one avocado.  So I cut it in two and created two bags from the one.  No Food Saver?  No worries.  Wrap each half in plastic wrap……tightly.  The put your halves into a zip lock bag.  That will work too.


Food Saver Bags

I simply cut each avocado in half, sprayed the inside with lemon juice, placed the two halves in a Food Saver bag and vacuum sealed it and popped it in the freezer.

When thawed these avocados will be best used for recipes that required mashed avocado.  Once frozen they will lose their texture, but still taste great!  As a matter of fact when I open these after freezing them they look like they’ve been freshly cut, but they do turn brown rather quickly.

an avacodo ready to go into the freezer


I’m so excited as to how easy this was that I plan to go to WalMart tomorrow and price match several more avocados and freeze those as well!

We are now using a half an avocado a day in Parker’s blenderized diet.  Being able to stock up on on these babies when they are on sale and freeze them will go a long way in bringing down the price of Parker’s blend.

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