How much consumerism will be in YOUR Christmas?

.  Now is the time to decide how much consumerism will be going into your Holidays.  You know what they say about when you fail to plan….

There are families who choose to go all out for Christmas, but not buy much the rest of the year.

For some Christmas is all about the gifts.  Period.  Gifts not just for the immediate family, but for extended family and friends.   Consumerism seems to the love language of the times.

With jobs being more and more scarce more than a few families might be taking now to explain that Santa’s offerings will be limited to stockings or a single gift.

I recently read of a family who now working on one income, received a 42″ TV from a family member for their family gift exchange Christmas gift.   The stress to compete during December can be fierce.  How would you feel reciprocating with something thrifted or handmade?

Do you feel guilt if you don’t provide your family a ‘keep up with the Jones’ type of Christmas experience?’  I used to.  Then I realized that excess consumption really didn’t equal lasting satisfaction.

One of my favorite Christmas gifts……ever.

Have you ever thought of  giving/ receiving gifts that you use up? Or at least save money by using over and over again? Maybe a giant bottle of laundry soap.  A case of the good toilet paper.  (Don’t laugh. That stuff is expensive!)  Some of these little beauties along with a case of canning jars.  After changing over to disposables for Parker, a huge box of Huggies would have me saying “Ho!  Ho!  Ho!”.

A few weeks ago a couple of my kids came to me hoping to be able to take the family on a local Polar Express train ride experience … at close to $50.00 a head. Gulp.  I’d love to offer my kids these kind of experiences.  There was a time I would have pulled out a credit card, told myself that Christmas only comes but once a year and placed the reservations.  Instead I asked my kids to brain storm ideas that were rich in fun, but low in cost.  And you know what?  They were great with that idea.

Have you scaled down your Holidays and found you enjoy it just as much?   What sort of fun yet frugal activities do you enjoy to celebrate the season?   I’d LOVE for you to share your ideas!

I truly believe that the best gift of Christmas doesn’t come in the biggest, most expensive box.  I believe the best  gift of Christmas includes a parent (or two) who isn’t stressed….who doesn’t need to work overtime…and who teaches the true reason for the season is the best gift of all.



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