How I finally got my kid to hold a pencil.



My Mission, whether I wanted to accept it or not, was to convince Parker to hold a pencil.  Or a crayon.  Or a marker.

Hey.  I’m not picky.

I tried everything.  Pencil grips.  Taping a super light grit of sandpaper around crayons to give Parker the sensory input he craves while holding a pencil or crayon.  Nada.

We had great success with crayon rocks and crayons in the shape of rectangles.  But we couldn’t get that success to transfer over to other writing implements.

It sucked.  Big time.

Today though, I’m happy to report something that works not only on writing instruments, but spoons, toothbrushes, just about anything your kid needs to hold in their hand to use.

Ah.  The things that make me positively giddy these days.

The product is made by a company called ABLEWARE and is simply foam tubing.  No really.  Just dense foam tubing.

Genius, I tell ya.

It comes in several sizes, which is only what you would expect from pure genius, no?


For Parker’s crayons I chose the orange foam.  The hole was closest in size to the crayon.


Then I cut down the foam and slipped the crayon in.  Viola!  Perfect size for a Brave Hero’s hand. 


I repeated the same steps, this time the yellow foam for a pencil grip.   The opening in the yellow foam is closer to the size of the pencil.  I only cut enough foam to make a grip, not to cover the entire pencil. 


If I lose my mind one day and decide to turn Parker loose with some markers, the blue foam is perfect to work with even the fattest marker. 


I may still add thin strips of fine grit sandpaper to the outside of the foam grips, like I said Parker loves anything sensory.

The can find the Foam Tubing on Amazon.

What amazing discoveries have you made for your kid lately?

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