Home School Ideas for December

December is a big month in terms of homeschooling Parker.  I’m always searching for new home school ideas for December!   Not only do we work on the basics, I try to add in lots of fun holiday stuff, like great Christmas books.

I replace our typical math manipulatives with December themed ones.

Parker’s sight words will include Santa Claus, Star, and Christmas Tree.   I’m really proud of how many words our Brave Hero can read now.  We started with just a couple a month and now we are adding several each month.

Can you see me happy dancing over here?

Through trial and error I’ve come up with a way to put together an entire month’s worth of homeschooling ideas for December all in one setting.  Time is tight and each  I have to pull a lesson a day from my files, or search the house trying to remember where in the heck I put the jingle bells…… well, let’s just say that’s a lot of time lost.

Christmas craft and home school supplies


Instead, I sit down and look at the year’s IEP goals and plan out my entire month for each subject.  I then go and pull all the supplies for craft projects, math activities, literature experiences……the works!  I put everything into a big basket….and viola’!…..I can just grab stuff as I need it rather than hunt it down.

It’s so much nicer to just hunt everything down ONCE and put it all away ONCE.  Am I the only one that puts something away in a safe place…….and then promptly forgets where that safe place is?

rough draft of my list of Christmas crafts

By making a list I also know what items I need to download online, and what items I need to purchase.   I try the best I can not to have to purchase anything full price. I proudly cheap like that.  I’m also poor like that.   How does one accomplish this, you may ask.  Pretty simple.  A large portion of my yard sale time in the summer goes towards finding art supplies, books, and Montessori friendly manipulatives  for cheap.

Really cheap.

laminating hands on home school activities

I always take the time to laminate any units I’ve downloaded from the internet though.  Repetition is vital when educating a kid with Down syndrome, or any kid with special needs for that matter.  Heck, let’s just make that ANY kid.   Laminating helps stuff last LOTS longer.   I use the Scotch Thermal Laminator, which goes on sale at Amazon this time of year.  This handy device gets a HUGE workout and is still going strong.

But the icing on the cake is this MEGA downloadable batch of Christmas homeschooling ideas and activities FREE from Teachers Pay Teachers Take a look.  Download what you love.  Have a great time in your home school classroom this December!  And remember who it is that loves you enough to share this link.  heh.

What are YOUR best home school ideas for December?

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