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With a bumper crop of apples sitting all over my house I’ve been canning up a storm.  The luxury of having homemade apple pie filling sitting on my pantry shelf for a quick dessert is worth all the sweating and hard work done before hand.



This stuff makes awesome pies, crumbles and when warmed up, a fantastic topping over ice cream.

Knowing that the apples were organically grown in my parents orchard is pretty grand too.


I actually had a beautiful post all planned out for today going over my recipe for apple pie filling step by step.

Unfortunately we spent yesterday sitting in the ER up at Primary Children’s Hospital.  After spending today trying to get caught up from yesterday, as well as putting up a few batches of some amazing Pear-Ginger jam, I’m too tired to do beautiful.

So, I’m going to leave you a link to the recipe *I used, and a reminder to use tart apples and not the sweeter ones.

When the fruit is free, and I already have the jars, canning my own is absolutely cheaper than purchasing it from the grocery store.   24 more quarts and I should be done.

I looked at the cans of apple pie filling at Walmart the other day.  Over $3.00 a can that held waaaay less than a quart.

I believe that food prices are going to be a big issue in the not too far future for a lot of people.  Including families like ours.  (Hello,  medical debt that is still coming out of our ears.)   Growing your own and cooking from scratch are going to go from being Martha Stewart type skills to every day necessity  skills.

Now is a good time to practice. 

*  I left out the yellow food coloring.



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