Last night Reed took down all the blinds and window treatments from the windows on the back of our house.  This morning I began Spring Cleaning 2013.  I cleaned the inside of our windows top to bottom and in between.  I’ve decided not to put the curtains/valances back up.  I’ve become a minimalist in my old age.

As I scrubbed my mind wandered to not that long ago when I dreamed of building one more home.  A home with a bigger yard.  More bells and whistles.  More square footage.  Full of Ethan Allen furniture.

The Long Term Plan never included us staying in this home.  I was dreamin’ big.

Plans change.

Homeschooling a little boy with special needs.

Who knew  a Brave Hero was waiting in the wings to win our hearts and change how we perceive what has worth, and what does not.

Instead of Ethan Allen Furniture I now  dream of adaptive bikes hippotherapy and other programs to make Parker’s quality of life the best it can be.

Sometimes home isn’t as much of a place as it is a state of mind.

I’ve never been more thankful for our house than I am now.  These four walls that allow Reed and I to nurture and grow our family.  A space where prayers are said and dreams of bright futures for all of our children are dreamt.

Today I rolled up my sleeves and worked on my Spring Cleaning goals.

Speech therapy toy

Tomorrow I’ll put my efforts back into working on the goals set for a beautiful little guy, coaxing him to communicate, teaching him to read, explaining how numbers work, and practicing handwriting skills.

I swapped out one set of dreams for another.  I’m a much better person because of it.

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