His Red Cheeks and Dry Cracked Lips

His red cheeks and dry cracked lips, are the bane of Parker’s winter…..and sometimes summer too.   We’ve tried cool mist humidifiers.  Lip balms, face creams, extra oil in his blenderized diet and more water boluses, but we’ve yet to find that magic bullet.

a little boy with special needs

The problem persists.  Red cheeks, dry cracked lips.  There have been times when the cracks in Parker’s lips are so deep they bleed.  I know it has got to be painful.

Utah winters are so dry and alligator skin already runs in our family.  We hoped that by adding a humidifier to our furnace might help Parker’s red cheeks and dry cracked lips.  So far all I’ve noticed is my hair frizzing out into a rather unflattering brillo pad.  sigh.

a little boy with Down syndrome making an Easter Bunny craft

I know it has to be uncomfortable.  Yet he fights me when I try and put anything on his lips, so I need something that can’t be easily licked off.  Not to mention that the thought of him licking anything off and having it go straight into his lungs.   sigh.

I often try and put salves on his face while he’s sleeping so that it tends to stay on longer.

Still, we battle his red cheeks and dry, cracked lips.

I know the chapped cheeks and cracked lips often go hand in hand with an extra chromosome.  So I’m making this plea to other Mamas with children who have dealt with this:

What has worked for you to soften and protect your child’s cheeks and lips?





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