He’s Baaaack…….!


And we couldn’t be more thrilled. He’s still on two different antibiotics along with his other meds, but that’s okay.

His BNP is down now to 400 from 655 two days ago. I’ve found that as the numbers get lower it takes longer to see big improvement. It’s kind of like losing weight. At first you lose pretty quickly, but as time goes on it takes longer and longer to see much improvement.

We have a sleep study appointment for this Sunday night. An immunology appointment, cardio appointment and quite a few others in the coming weeks.

I have so many people to thank for their prayers, gifts, visits, etc. We are truly blessed.

Now I have just tomorrow to try and get the word out about Parker’s Benefit Concert. A sweet friend passed out about 500 flyers. Our local grocery store, Kohlers, has been kind enough to place both flyers and donation jars at their registers along with another local video store. We mailed out about 200 post cards to people who have previously attended Stephanie Smith concerts. I had so many other promotional venues to pursue, but it is kinda hard to put on your advertising hat when you are taking care of such a sick baby in the hospital.

I am really, really, really nervous that this will be the first concert ever to be held where nobody comes because we didn’t get the word out enough. Yikes!

Finally, I have people always ask if Primary Children’s hospital is a non-profit hospital that doesn’t operate on the parent’s ability to pay, then why do we need to fund raise in order to help pay Parker’s bills, etc?

Well, just as Reed was about to check out and leave the phone in Parker’s room rings. It was the billing department calling. They had already touched base with our insurance company, knew what our part of the bill would be and asked Reed if he could please pay the bill for THIS hospital stay NOW…..BEFORE he checked out.



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