He’s a GENUINE Hodson Boy……..

I’ve given birth to  a few athletes.

Which is interesting considering my lack of all things uh…..coordinated.


We often joke at our house that the way you know our boys are gen-u-ine Hodson is by their love of all things accompanied by a ball.


Case in point.

We now have proof positive that Parker is also genuine.

Reed was watching bowling the other day (the man has some serious ‘anything with a ball’ addiction going on) and decided to teach Parker the basics of the game.

You know. Pins get knocked down, then you cheer.

The kid fell in love.

Notice that terrifying cowlick on the back of the Brave Hero’s head? All my boys have it. Just like  Reed. Yet another mark of authenticity.

For the record, I am aware that we are most likely the only family around still watching a fat screen TV.

But Reed has this goal to be totally debt free. He has a huge worry of Medicaid being yanked out from underneath us and our family then being 100% responsible for the cost of all of Parker’s medical care.

Especially since our private insurance for Parker will be running out.


Because even with private insurance AND Medicaid this kid of ours is expensive.

I’m trying to show my support by happily watching our really outdated vintage television set.

Cause there are worse things in life.

Like not having Parker.


What are some of the little bits of you or your husband that you see in your children that help verify these tykes are totally seeds of your lineage?

ps: Plans are indeed in the works for taking this kid to roll a few balls of his very own down the alley!


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