Here We Go Again

We received one of these in the mail today:


It’s a flyer inviting Parker to a class that teaches a child what to expect in anticipation of their surgery.

I find it kind of funny that we get these. Because with all of the surgeries that Parker has had, he could be the one TEACHING this class.

You know. If he could talk.

It wasn’t two hours after we had received this card that the phone rang.

PCMC calling.

And they’d like some money now, thankyouverymuch.

I told them I’d get right on that.

As soon as we actually have some to send them.

My insurance company has paid this facility a lot of money.

We have drained our savings, our children’s college funds, and everything else we could to pay them their fees. Many of these fees being incredibly, incredibly inflated over the actual cost of the item being billed for.

We’ve had friends donate money directly to PCMC to be used for Parker. Yet when we tried to have those donations applied to Parker’s bills, we were told that all money donated goes directly into the ‘general donation fund.’

The same general donation fund that Parker can’t draw from as he has insurance. Even if that same insurance doesn’t cover anywhere near what we are being billed for.

So, the money our friends donated was used towards someone else’s kid.

Did you know that most of all donated monies to PCMC goes to those who are not US citizens? And we aren’t just talking the south of the border kind. We are talking those from all over the world that PCMC provides charity care for. With no cost.

We, however, have only been offered a payment plan that comes with an interest rate higher than our own credit cards.

I’ll never understand how those who come to PCMC with insurance are treated the worst.

We’re still trying to figure out how to just find the funds for the week Parker will be up at PCMC.

I’m trying to keep my focus on Parker and getting him through this. It will be a rough week. Then comes the recovery after that. And it takes a good month for Parker to recover emotionally from a surgery. That’s where my energy should be right now.

Not on PCMC and bills.

15 days and counting until the second part of Parker’s PSARP surgery. Teeny Tiny Designer Hiney here we come.


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