Here we go……again.

I’ve got a huge pot of millet on the stove. I’m making it to use in Parker’s blenderized diet. Millet has an 11% protein content and is GLUTEN FREE.   I toasted it before I started it on a boil, and my house smells so good.

While the millet cooks, I wanted to take a moment to let you know that……….

It’s back.

The sick that is.


The fever that goes from normal to out of the stratosphere in 50 blinks or less.

With the cough that makes tolerating the vent impossible.

Both his heart rate and his oxygen needs are drastically increased.

We’ve been down this road before. But regardless of our familiarity, each new trip finds worry as our constant companion.

Because of the damn pulmonary hypertension, each step of this pilgrimage begs the question, do we keep home, or take him up to Primary Childrens.

There’s a very fine line between the yays and nays on this decision.

Yesterday I was able to hold my Brave Hero for about 45 minutes before I needed to put him down. But he would have nothing of it. He looked me squarely in the eye and said, “NO!” while signing Mom.

So I popped another pain pill and we hung on to each other until my Hero drifted off to sleep.

Over all, I’m healing nicely. I think this week will be an excellent turning point in getting myself back to normal.

And I’m praying with all my might that the same holds true for Parker.


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