Have you priced a can of green beans lately?


I picked up a grocery store sales flyer the other day and saw a can of green beans on special for .99 cents.

One puny can.



Suddenly all the work to grow our own green beans didn’t seem so bad.

We already have the jars, many of them given to us when we were first married.  The seeds were left over from the year before last and they came up without a problem.


Reed even took a bunch, blanched them, and we stashed them in the freezer to use in Parker’s blenderized diet.

.99 cents for one little can of green beans…..

Not at our house, baby.


  1. Sugar Loco
    Aug 7, 12
    • Tammy and Parker Aug 7, 12
  2. Sarah
    Aug 7, 12
    • Tammy and Parker Aug 7, 12
  3. Lori Lavender Luz
    Aug 9, 12
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