Happy Father’s Day! Parker’s Dad Rocks!

Reed hates to have pictures posted of him.  But how can Parker wish his Dad a Happy Father’s Day and tell the world how much he rocks without posting a few pictures of his Dad?

Noticed how I wrote Parker posting pictures of his Dad.  heh.  Hopefully that will help me from being strangled when Reed sees this.

Reed spend all afternoon putting together Parker’s new AmTryke yesterday.  It was quite the job.  But it was totally worth the effort.

Parker and Reed

Yup, that Silver Haired Fox is my eternal companion. I am so very blessed.   He’s putting the finishing touches on Parker’s bike here.


Father and son.

Reed pushed Parker around the neighborhood twice.  Parker loved every minute of it.  As long as Parker had his hands on the steering wheel the bike would go.  The minute he got goofy and took his hands off the steering wheel, the bike stopped.  It didn’t take Parker long to catch on!


A Dad with his son on an AmTryke

Parker’s legs go around as the bike goes forward.  If you look you can see them velcroed to the pedals.  Unfortunately Parker’s legs aren’t strong enough to push the pedals on his own.  It’s one of the reasons we are working (and praying) on being able to give Parker the opportunity to participate in a session of intense therapy through Now I Can.org.

I’m not sure if we’ll be able to pull the therapy costs off or not.  We have until September to get it raised.  We’re still thinking of ways to raise it.  Maybe another yard sale?

But right now I’m going to take a moment to be thankful that Parker has such an amazing Dad that works as hard as he does for this Hero of ours.

Parker had only been born for about two minutes before Reed was telling me, with great excitement, that we were going to need to clear off some room on the trophy shelf for all the Special Olympics trophies that Parker was destined to win. 

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about raising a medically fragile kid with special needs is to never say never. 

This kid has heart and soul, he simply needs the opportunity.

PS:  A VERY special thank you to Shelby Guest and his helpers for Parker’s AmTryke.  You’ve opened up his world by leaps and bounds.  Now, let’s set up a time for you to come and meet this Brave Hero of ours.




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