Happiness is a Verb

What makes you happy?  What are the things that are important in your life? Do you ever think about these kinds of things?  I have lately.  My conclusion?  Happiness is a verb.

While that may not be such a huge surprise to anyone, it has certainly given me a lot of things to contemplate this last week.

A little boy with Down syndrome learning how to balance.

Working on balance.

I’ve been contemplating optimism, how to overcome my tendency for negative thinking and how to bring more of the former into my daily living.

As many of you may know, BELIEVE is our family’s motto.  Such an optimistic word, no?  A word full of hope and faith tightly embraced by the heart of one who often allows herself to wrap herself up in the worse case scenario in order to not be quite so disappointed with the reality of a situation.

physical therapy

Learning how to identify his place in ‘space.’

Hey.  We all have our weird, people.  I just tend to put mine out there for public inspection.

Now here’s where I make a mighty leap of logic.  Hold on, cause it may be a bit of a bumpy ride.

Our family has been on the receiving end of many acts of kindness since Parker’s birth.  My Dad once told me to keep a journal of every single act of kindness shown to Parker and our family so that one day when Parker was older we could share these experiences with him and he could know how many people there are who love him.

fitting orthos

Seeing if the orthos still fit.

I have noticed  that each time someone has shown us a kindness, it has served to give me hope…….to truly believe that things will indeed be okay.  There have been many times when I’ve clinged to that hope as it has gotten me through a really rough patch.

As time as gone by we also keep that journal so  we can pay the kindness shown to us, forward to someone else.

Oh, the happiness that simple act of paying it forward brings. There is a inextricable link between personal happiness and kindness.  I feel better about myself, have more hope for the future, and am able to do a much better job at embracing our family motto when I accept the opportunities to be kind that come my way.

It’s almost as though the act of being kind, or paying it forward releases a special sort of pheromone that attracts happiness….and happy people into your life.

working on balance

Finding his balance.

Making the deliberate decision to be kind.  Making the deliberate decision to be generous.  It is decisions like this that are helping me regain my footing as I’ve recently worked through a bit of a dark cloud.

It’s a simple fact.  I am changed for the better as I find opportunities to give.

Yup.  Happiness.  It’s a verb, alright.



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