Halloween Counting and Math Activities!

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One of my yard sale scores this summer was a box of little bats that you stick in the freezer to freeze and then use as ice cubes.


But I had other plans for these jet beauties.


After spying the $1.00 price tag, I offered the yard sale host .25. We met at .50. Which was still a bit high I thought, but I knew I’d use them.

Today I printed off one of these touch dot cards from here.


(To tell you the truth, I really hate touch dot math for typical kids. There is nothing worse than a 4th grader who can’t add unless he counts each spot with his finger. Touch dot can become a crutch that is hard to break. Trust me. It happens. )


Here I’ve taken the cheapie paper plates, placed a black circle of construction paper in the center and topped it off with the touch dot cards.


The object is to place a bat on each touch dot to visually represent it’s value.

After taking these pictures I realized that the black bats needed to be set off better from the black construction paper circle, and so I switched it out with red.

That visual contrast is very important.

Want to take it to the next level?  These Numbers-In-A-Jar worksheets will do the trick!

And don’t forget to put that Halloween candy to work by using it to sort, match and graph!

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