H1N1: Can you be too cautious?

Maybe I watch too much CNN.

But the closer we get to Fall, the more nervous I am about H1N1.

Yes, I understand that more people die from the regular flu each year.

Perhaps it is my imagination, but it seems like H1N1 seems to to be more contagious than just the every day flu variety.

What isn’t part of my imagination is that Utah has one of the highest death rates of H1N1.  Death rates of perfectly healthy people too.

And Parker?  He isn’t what one would refer to as perfectly healthy.

He is more of a poster child for anyone who absolutely, positively, should not get this bug.

The chronic lung disease.  The pulmonary hypertension. The overall ‘immune system, WHAT immune system’ status of the mortal vessal his spirit inhabits.

I have a script for Tamiflu.

I’ve stocked up on hand sanitizer.

Ibid on the  hand soap.

I’m going tomorrow for face masks and the super duper heavy duty type of wipes that they use in the hospital to wipe items down with.

But with kids and a husband in schools all day, how exactly is this Mom to keep her Brave Hero healthy?

I know that in October a new vaccine will be on the market.  Which is good.  Although the ‘new’ is a bit nervous making, I’m sure we will secure a place in line for that.

But I feel like this is a very weak defense to layout before the likes of H1N1.

We’ve been flat out told that Parker’s ability to survive RSV comes in at ‘only by a miracle.’

And I’m pretty sure his odds of surviving H1N1 aren’t much better.

So, are YOU worried?  What preparations are you taking to combat this season’s attack of H1N1?

Share your ideas!


  1. kadiera
    Aug 3, 09
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    Aug 9, 09
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    Aug 23, 09
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