Green Bums: It’s A Good Thing

Parker goes through A LOT of diapers in a day. When 99.9% of your nutritional intake is in liquid form and one of your 26 doses of daily meds includes a hefty shot of Lasix your bladder is gonna get a good workout. Many, many times a day.

Disposable diapers are priced to reflect their weight in gold. Especially when your kid has such tender skin that the cheap-o brands are out of the question.

While many people site environmental reasons for cloth diapering, my initial reasons were purely economic. What we were paying a month on disposables would purchase several cloth diapers that would last for months…..rather than just a couple of hours.

I also discovered that there is a great resale value for your cloth diapers once you are finished with them. I quickly realized that each cloth diaper I bought could actually be viewed as an investment of sorts. And once I established my stash, I could save the money I had been spending on Pampers.

Another problem solved by a stash of cloth diapers is the dreaded realization that you just ran out of disposables at 2:00 a.m. And, oh yeah, you are broke until payday and payday is a week away. Cloth diapers are just a wash load away.

I ran into a wall though when I measured the rise that Parker would need in order for a cloth diaper to comfortably go over his ostomy bag. He would need a 25 inch rise. *gasp* The only way to solve that problem was to have his diapers custom made. With the help of Breeze from ….And Such Is LifeI was able to get diapers for Parker that were not only adorable, but fit him perfectly.

Thank heavens for my Mom. She was willing to finance this first round of cloth.

And then came the Summer of ’07 surgeries. These surgeries revised his stoma and made it significantly smaller while adding a g-tube which made a diaper with a 25″ rise way too big.

It was back to disposables.

And the cost.

Crap. (No pun intended.)

Parker now needs a rise of about 18-20 inches. There are quite a few ready made cloth diapers that can meet this need. Thirsties new All In One Pocket fits the bill perfectly. Parker takes a size large. But another kid his size would most likely do fine with a medium since they wouldn’t need the extra height in the rise.

Other great brand is Happy Heiny’s. Some of you may remember the photo shoot Parker did for this company. Happy Heiny’s makes pocket diapers that are every bit as easy to use as a disposable. Their large comes with a rise of 20 inches. Perfect! And look at these prints!

During the summer I can simply add a simple little top and let these diapers act as a pair of shorts. Viola’! A very stylish way to kill two birds with one stone.

And take a look at these. GADS. Who needs a tattoo when you can have a giraffe or gecko or FROG embroidered on your butt?

So, I’m saving up my scheckles in hopes of being able to start a new stash of diapers for Parker. And our stash will be simple……15 diapers or so. I don’t mind doing a load of diaper laundry each evening. There is something about diaper laundry that is relaxing. Really.

I’m tired of feeling as though I am throwing money in the garbage each time I change out a disposable. I’ve even listed another GIANT LOT OF STAMPS on Ebay to help get this show on the road. It may take awhile, but let’s face it. Parker is gonna be in diapers for a long time. But that’s okay. As long as he can be in cloth.

And if it helps our landfills, well then that just provides even more warm fuzzies.

So, how many of you cloth diaper? Why did you decide to make the switch? And what are your favorite dipes?

This Momma just loves to talk cloth diapers.


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