Great Inventions: Special Needs Style

Have you have stopped and thought:  Man, I really wish someone would invent something that would make (fill in the blank) easier.

For example.  Parker now sports a cuffed trachs.

Cuffed trachs are a pain in the a@@.  At the bottom of the trach there is a little deflated balloon.  That deflated balloon has several edges that can cause some damage if a kid happens to yank that sucker out.

Damage that now has us doing trach cares 3x a day and using an ointment to clear up the inflammation/infection from that cuffed part.  Not to mention all the granulation tissue that has grown since we started used the cuffed trach.

My idea?  A cuffed trach where the ‘cuff’ deflated INTO the trach cannula leaving no sharp edges to cause potential damage.

Trach changes around here used to be a no big deal, one person by themselves gig.  Not any more.


Or how about (CPT vests) or as we call them ‘shaker vests’ with velcro that lasts longer than 6 months.  Seriously.  That velcro gets weak and my kid can climb out of that sucker in a heart beat even if it is totally inflated and buckled on.

Today I actually used clothespins to keep Parker’s vest together.


And finally……how about a g-beck that a kid can’t yank off THOUSANDS of times a day?  Men have walked on the moon and here I am putting Parker’s g-beck back on his trach nose every other second.


Why, lookee there.  Somebody’s pulled off his gi-beck again. 

So, what about you”

What grand invention do you wish someone would come up with that would make YOUR life as a parent of a kid with special needs easier?

Cause I know I’m not the only one who spends a good portion of her life cussing stuff like this.

Am I?   Naw, I couldn’t be.

Leave your nemesis along with an idea of how to thwart it in the comments section.  Who knows, maybe somebody has already figured out a way around you pita and they’ll share their ideas with you!


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