Go Ahead. Make My day.

Mom’s of kids with special needs are worth getting to know.  We’re tough.  We’re supportive.  We love our kids.

We know that we are often unique.

Sometimes we find ourselves lacing up our combat boots as we take on the system.

And we’ll never understand why even those in our own family can’t accept and love our kids the way we do.  I mean we still love their kid even after they spilled red kool-aid all over our new carpet at the last family party.

But we are also a lot like YOU.

Some of us have written books. Really good ones, that you just might want to read.  Books that might help you understand our children, and our lives better.

We celebrate our children’s accomplishments, just like you.

Just like you, we think ours is the cutest little kid ever.

And many of us home school our kids (Wanna swap ideas?)

Our kids are more like yours than they are different.

They love crafts. Even if we special needs Mama tend to use them as a sneaky way to work in therapy.

Your kid love ice cream on a hot summer day?  Ours do too.

We even worry about what’s on our kid’s Facebook page.  (Surprised?)

I think if you could ask a parent of a child with special needs what they would like others to know about their child, they would tell you that a child with special needs is first and foremost a child.

Just like any other child.

Just like your child.

Children with special needs have hopes and dreams, just like their typical peers.

They want to be invited and accepted, just like their typical peers.

And while they may do things a bit differently than your child, they still love the same kind of stuff as your kids do.

Building bridges between those with differing needs and those without is a learning experience.

On both sides.

But if we work together we can build not only bridges, but a new way of thinking.

Now that you have gotten to know us some, how about making our day?

How about letting us know how you advocate against the use of the ‘r-word’.

Or how your child is friends with a child who has a disability?

Or how you plan on inviting the kid in the wheelchair to your kid’s next birthday party.

Maybe you could let us know that the next time you see a child melt down in public and think ‘What a terrible parent!‘, you might instead think ‘Maybe this child is on the spectrum. I wonder what I can do to help this Mama out?.’


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