Global Warming and Salsa Making

We are scrambling to get our salsa factory up and running.  We don’t usually begin salsa making until the end of August or the beginning of September.  I’m not sure if it is due to the fact that Utah just had the hottest July on record, or our new drip irrigation system, but we have a zillion tomatoes ready for the salsa pot.

I’m blaming it on Global Warming.

Salsa making is tradition around this joint. I use salsa in everything from my chilli to my the Queso sauce for my nachos, to taco rice and just simply to eat with chips.


My boys always complain that I don’t make it hot enough.  So one year I made it HOT and chunky.  Just like they begged for.  I grew the hottest peppers I could fine and doubled the amount I threw in the pot.  We had to take Parker down to the basement so the pepper fumes wouldn’t muck with his lungs.  My nose hairs still haven’t grown back from that day.

Reed and I canned that batch up and severed it to the boys.

Then had the delight of watching their eyes bulge out as they tried to be all manly and say that it really wasn’t that hot.  But since they almost lost consciousness half way through the bottle, we’re pretty sure they were lying.

jars of home canned salsa

I made the mistake of using it in a recipe and then taste testing the recipe.  It didn’t just bring tears to my eyes, it burned off all my taste buds and left it’s trail of scars all the way down my esophagus.  There’s not enough milk or bread or TUMS to deal with that kind of hurt, people.

We just stick to a flavorful salsa now.

Do you make salsa?  Do you eat it fresh or can it up to enjoy during the winter months too?




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