Gingerbread Houses: Hodson Style

There is barely an ornament on this tree that is in the same place I originally put it:


If you look closely you’ll see that the garland only goes halfway down.

The other half having been snatched off by a certain little someone.


Meet Someone.

But I couldn’t help but laugh when yesterday I spied something a little unusual resting in our fake pine-y goodness:


Seems as though our certain little Someone felt the need to add some holiday bling of his own.

Welcome to my life, folks.

Last night was our annual Gingerbread decorating gig. Yesterday I had what I thought was the most amazing idea ever, and I was excited to  incorporate into last night’s festivities.


Using a glue gun to make the graham crackers to stick together!

What can I say?  The amazingness found within my brain sometimes impresses even myself.

23 years of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth trying to get our gingerbread houses to stand with mere frosting for mortar could come to an end!

However it seems as though most of you had already come up with this idea eons ago.

Thanks for sharing.

We had all sorts of family bonding going on last night:


Some of my kids actually even worked together.

My head. It is still reeling with disbelief!  Oh, the miracles that  the holidays can bring!


Only at a house full of Hodsons will you find a gingerbread house complete with a speared gummy bear.


A creation straight from the rather disturbing mind of my 14 year old.


Hey, I just give birth to them. After that, the world is on it’s own.


We  had Temples made from graham crackers.


Complete with bride and groom. Notice the wedding dress?


McCall, who is working to become a Nurse Practioner, created a hospital.

She couldn’t spend time writing on her house in actual frosting.  She needed to study for her Math test.

Which I am pretty sure translates into needing to text Derek.


The nurse is even in!

However she is downstairs studying……texting Derek.

And Bailey’s offering of the evening:


I nixed the whole idea of using chocolate frosting to make a teeny little hand print on the door knob however.

This is a family blog.

While our gingerbread houses may not be what most would consider traditional,


the joy of the evening made sweet memories to last the whole year through.

But my kids dang well better get all the mess cleaned up.


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