Ghosts in the House by Kazuno Kohara and an Extension Activity

I love this time of year.  I love bringing up the Halloween books and hanging out with Parker as we sit and read and read and read.  Today’s book extension activity is a fun book,  Ghosts in the House by Kazuno Kohara, and Parker has a fun extension activity to share too!

Ghosts in the House!

Notice the colors on the cover…, black, white.  These are the only colors you’ll find throughout the book, giving it a distinctive feel and look.


ghost picture

And of course, we have…..the ghosts!  Parker and I won’t tell you how this book ends, but we think you’ll enjoy it!


Ghost Craft

Now on to the extension activity!  First you’ll need to take a piece of white cardstock and using a white crayon draw your ghosts.  You might even want to add a couple Halloween sight words too!

liquid water colors

Next up we used liquid water colors to create a Halloween orange.  I added red and yellow together to get an orange as close to the orange in the book that I could. We used a inexpensive sponge roller to roll our paint on!  You could also make this work using regular water colors and a wide paint brush.

ghost craft 2     ghost in the house craft 3

Are you ready for the big reveal?  Well, here it is!


ghost craft 4


Ta-da!  How is that for cute?  And easy.  And a good activity that fits under the theme of Occupational Therapy!  Score!

PS:  This is NOT an original idea.  It’s one I’ve seen before and re-shared here.  I’m working on getting better with giving credit where credit it due.  It’s just sometimes I see something, stash it back in a very tired brain and then don’t remember where I’ve seen it before.  If you know who deserves credit for this idea PLEASE share.  😀





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