Fun Times

We have c-diff……………again.

Parker’s last sleep study results came back. He needs to have his CPAP pressures brought up to 12-13. Imagine trying to sleep with you head stuck in a tornado. It caused his heart rate to drop into the 40’s which brought on a 2:30 a.m. echo and blood work.

Parker is bleeding somewhere inside. Today we do an upper GI to see if that can show us where it is happening.

Then we do a scope of his colon to see if that could be where it is happening.

Received 2 of 4 transfusions.

I pat his tush while he is either laid out across my legs or while I am standing by his crib. I do this for hours on end. He has the sweetest little tush ever.

We are praying to be able to find what is causing the bleeding and that it is FIXABLE. We are praying to be able to discover the clues needed that will afford Parker to be a healthy little boy.

I want to experience the messes and exhaustion that comes from chasing a two year old around all day long.


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