Frustrations x 700

Life can sometimes be a source of never ending thrills.

Like trying to get synergis shots approved during a season of RSV that has Primary’s Children’s bunked three deep with kids struggling with this virus.

We have been told countless times that with Parker’s heart and lung issues RSV would, without a doubt, kill him. As in take his life. No more tomorrows.

No more Parker.

But tell THAT to my insurance company. And after several months of fighting they will finally respond with:

“Okay. You can have your shots. For a small co-pay of SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS…….EACH.”

Yeah. Like that is even remotely possible.

Nothing like the feeling of not being able to take care of your child.

We have several school aged kids who are at high risk of bringing this virus home with them from school. On their clothing. On their skin. In their lungs. And a Dad who is a Principal at an Elementary School where, he too, can bring home all kinds of fun stuff.

To my insurance company Parker’s life isn’t even worth $700.00 for the next few months.

And people wonder why I gag when I hear commercials for IHC and how they spout wonderful lies of how they provide all things lifesaving…..regardless of one’s ability to pay.

Talk about a lack of truth in advertising.

Yesterday Reed and I sat down to order a bike for our son, Brant, who is in the Missionary Training Center and will soon be heading to the Long Beach/Spanish Speaking Mission to serve for two years.

Brant’s mode of transportation will be via a bike. He will put a bazillion miles a month on that bike. It’s a missionary thing.

Unfortunately, in the world of bicycles, Brant’s 6’3″ 215 pound frame is freakishly huge. This means that the $200-300 dollars we had scrimped to purchase a bike for him made every owner of every bike shop laugh hysterically. Finally when each owner was able to catch their breath again they explained that a bike in that price range wouldn’t last two weeks with the kind of wear and tear Brant will be putting on it.

The lowest price tag on a bike that would fit his height and weight and take the kind of beating he’ll be putting on it?

Why, a mere SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS, thankyouverymuch.

And, yes. I have called many bike shops in California today. This is the standard price range.

We also discovered that Southern California is one of the top three spots in the country where you can count on the fact that a Missionary’s bike will be stolen. Even with the steel bar lock that we have to purchase. Yippee.

So we also will need to add on insurance to provide for a new bike in case…..or when….this one gets stolen. Except this insurance will only cover less than half of what Brant’s bike would cost to replace.

Yup. A thrill a minute. That’s life at our house these days.


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