From My Missionary…….

Crazy crazy crazy stuff this week.. First, Mom, my stomach is ok.. Sometimes it feels a little odd, but I take a pill every once in a while, and it makes it better. My master plan is to quit, but not just cold turkey with the pills, so I think all will be good then.

Yes, I got everything!! yeah good timing 😀 I got the debit card, I will cut the old one next week, when you say you activate it dad. I got packages from the fam, and Gam. My companion almost started to cry when he got his. His face was so shocking. NOBODY has ever sent him a package since he has been on his mission. Not even his family. Man, he could be the most awkward man I have ever met, but we get along and he is a hard worker, so nothing else matters, right? He really is weirder than a wooden watch, like mom would say. But we get along amazingly. So it is all good. Thats all that matters.

So, we have my first baptism this Sunday! I will be doing the baptizing. I will send pictures when I get some developed. But I am quite excited for the baptism part. The first one is always the hardest.. I hope… haha But it still does not matter how many you have, just how hard you work.

So my bike, is just ridiculous. My bike tire is all wobbly, and it feels like it is about to fall off. I think I need to spike it or something. My thought is a car ran over the back tire, so its all bent. good old Compton. You hear gunshots all the time. And police cars going crazy everywhere. This can really be a dangerous place. Sometimes I think I should be wearing a bullet proof vest… gets that bad.

Also, I need another pair of pants. One ripped. But it is the one from the Missionary Mall, so we have the two year thing. So my next package would be perfect if I got pants in there. 😀 Thanks again for the packages 😀 I loved mine…..and my companion loved the one you sent to him.

For P-day today, we went to this Mexican swap meet.. The prices are un real, like a 60 dollar tie was a dollar.. SO I bought a couple.. Also they were selling i-pods for like 15 bucks.. I have no idea how they got this stuff, but I am not going to question it. I figure it was just safer that way, ya know? It was like I was in Mexico, so it was a good opportunity for me to work on my Spanish.

Man, I miss Larry so much. He has had around 5 people baptized since I left. I should have been there. They were people that we found together! Man… I wanted to see those people get baptized, but I guess I am needed here in Compton. But still way pumped this weekend for my first baptisim.

Its awesome, tracting during the Laker games. Except they have been loosing, so when they lose its bad. But we get to see an update house to house every house we tract, so its pretty cool that way. 😀 So that is all good. lol!

Thanks for all of your guys’ support. I love you mom, and when I get back it is going to be one of the greatest moments in my life, and I am going to love it… I am doing the right thing, helping others come unto Christ, and have the blessings of what I have. I have an an awesome mother, and I want to share what you taught me with others. I am basically sharing the teachings of my mom, who worked so hard to teach me the gospel. 😀

Love you all, I am doing fine, working my butt off, and learning who I really am, and who I need to become. Hopefully that will be good enough to get more success here in Compton.

Elder Hodson


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