Free Halloween Playdough Mats

It’s been a really weird few days around here for sure.  I’m excited to get things back on track and have the perfect idea to share!  FREE Halloween Playdough Mats!  Playdough mats are wonderful fine motor and sensory activities.  We make our own playdough, but the store bought kind would be awesome too!

black food coloring for playdough

I wanted to create Halloween colors and decided on Black and Orange.  I’ve never made black playdough before.  I used to make soap and you had to be careful that your base oils would mix well with your colorants.  So if your base oils were yellow, and you colored your soap blue……well, you were going to wind up with a green/blue soap rather than a true blue.

I figured that when I added the black food coloring to the flour and salt I’d get more of a gray.  Nope.  Black.  Super black.  I may have added way more black food coloring than needed.


Black playdough for play dough mats

The particular recipe I used this time made for a very wet dough.  I’d recommend one of the other recipes I’ve shared before for playdough.

What totally MADE this activity though are the FREE Halloween Freaky Face Playdough mats that I was able to download from Teachers Pay Teachers.  I LOVE these mats because they are so clean and vibrant.  Parker can easily see the Halloween character and it isn’t ‘lost’ in the midst of lots of other little doodles.  Clean and simple.  Oh, and cute. Really Cute.

halloween play dough mats

Now for those of you that start running in the other direction when the word playdough is mention……stop!  There are so many ways to give their creatures their faces.  Think:

  • Googly Eyes
  • Pom Poms
  • Wicki Sticks
  • That Mummy is just begging to be covered in strips of muslin!
  • Some black yarn for the witches hair.

You get the idea!

playing with black play dough

Parker used the black playdough to give the pumpkin a face.

pumpkin play dough mat

Midnight Play dough

As soon as we were done, Parker decided, for reasons that still remain unknown, to face plant his little noggin’ directly into the black play dough.  iiiiieeeeee!  See that finger?  Now imagine a certain Brave Hero’s ENTIRE FACE looking pretty much just like that.

Halloween Play dough

Let’s just say that tomorrow we’ll be using the ORANGE playdough, lol!

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