Forget the back yard garden, we’ve got a jungle out there!

Tomato plants as tall as my chest. Gorgeous pepper plants churning out their goodness.  Cucumber plants that have taken over the joint.  Potato plants gone wild.  Forget the back yard garden, we’ve got a jungle  out there!

I have a sink filled with tomatoes waiting for their turn in the dehydrator.  I’ve already flash frozen and Food Saver sealed an army of zucchini, with more on the march.  I’ll have pumpkins and Hubbard squash coming on by mid September.  Kale, Swiss Chard, and other greens keep regenerating themselves, much to my total delight.

back yard garden

pumpkin in the garden

peppers in the garden

cumcumbers in the garden

I love the feeling that I am putting food by for the winter.  Maybe I read too many Little House on the Prairie books when I was a kid, but I love knowing my pantry is stocked and ready to stand up to Old Man Winter.

Before I forget, if you are local, I’m looking to purchase a USED, but still in excellent shape small freezer, some where along the 5 cu ft. size to sit next to my larger upright. So if you have one to sell, please let me know!  My sweet parents gave me money for my birthday and for a minute I was eye balling a really sweet Fossil purse……..but quickly realized that the freezer is a need, the purse is not.  Sometimes being a grown up is not fun at all.  heh.

How are your back yard gardens doing this year?  Are you canning and preserving? 



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  1. Awesomemom Aug 14, 13
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