Food Storage and Self Sufficiency

In a world that has become increasingly dependent, many are striving to become more self reliant. Food storage and self sufficiency bring a sense of well being and peace of mind.  It isn’t just about hoarding food that you someday might eat, it’s about storing food your family eats on a regular basis while growing what you are able.

Start with a three month supply of what you would normally use to make meals with.  I’m working on choosing simple recipes of meals I know my family will eat.  I started small, with seven dinners, and then am working my way up to enough breakfasts, lunches and dinners for 3 months.   It’s been a process, and it takes time, but knowing that I could go for three months without having to spend a dime on groceries  is a glorious feeling.

Food Storage and Self Suffieiency

Remember, that when storing food, we need food that is healthy.  Food storage and healthy foods don’t have to be at opposite ends of the spectrum.

One meal I chose for my three month supply was fried rice.  I switched out the usual white rice for brown rice, which works well as brown rice has about a 1 year shelf life.   I chose a healthy olive oil, with a sesame oil to finish it off with.  Instead of the usual peas and corn, I chose freeze dried red peppers, carrots, green onions and lots of garlic.  Remember, not only can you use any veggies your family loves, you can also dehydrate or freeze your own!

I keep a three month supply of chicken in my freezer, and decided to use that as my main protein in this dish.

I’ve started freezing eggs, and can use those in my fried rice.

For my 3  month (12 weeks) Fried Rice ingredient supply I figured the following amounts:

  • 24 cups of brown rice
  • 1 quart of olive oil.  (There are 52 Tablespoons to a quart.  This will give me extra oil, but that’s okay.)
  • 48 eggs  (There are 96 eggs in a #10 can of dehydrated eggs.)
  • 1 #10 can Thrive freeze dried red bell peppers.  (You can dehydrate your own!)
  • 1 pantry sized can Thrive freeze dried green onions.   (You can dehydrate your own!)
  • 1 #10 can Thrive freeze dried carrots.  (You can dehydrate your own!)
  • 18 cups of fresh or freeze dried chicken.
  • 1 quart soy sauce (Again, it’s more than I’ll need)Follow any basic fried rice recipe.And viola!  You have your first bulk purchased family meal.

    What meals do you make on a regular basis that you could convert to a bulk purchased, shelf stable, food storage recipe?  Please share in the comments!


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