Fire Station Field Trip

I don’t usually take Parker on the field trips with his class.  Either he’s sick, just getting over being sick, the class has had something going around, or there’s a chance something’s might be going around.  Today I took a chance and took Parker on a Fire Station field trip

All of my kids have made this field trip.  It’s a Hodson rite of passage to have a picture taken with the giant Fireman’s hat on while sitting on the bumper of the fire truck.

How could Parker NOT have his opportunity too?

Lone Peak Fire Truck

I didn’t get a picture of Parker with that Firefighter’s hat on.  His sensory issues simply weren’t going to allow that.  He’s still got the whole issue of seeing a camera and insisting on looking the other way.  None of these make for great photo ops.

Parker was thrilled to see friends. Maybe a bit too thrilled.  I’m not sure how much he actually got out of this field trip because we were way too busy trying to keep him from flying away on the supersonic wings of sensory overload.

There were several kids with Down syndrome there along with those with other diagnoses.

And of course, I compared.

Yes, I know better.

No, I don’t know what the heck I was thinking.

In my defense I’m not even sure I realized I was doing it until after I got home.

Parker’s biggest obstacle is his lack of ability to communicate.  I won’t lie, I wish this kid could talk.  But he doesn’t and wishing isn’t going to make it happen.  So back to the drawing board I go to try and figure out how  include more language work.   More professional speech therapy would help, but at what that costs an hour, it simply isn’t in our realm of our reality.

I left this field trip feeling as though Parker is missing out on so much.  I’m not sure I can put a finger on what it all is, but it would be nice to see Parker interact better with his peers as well as participate in outside activities with more curiosity.

I need to get him out into the community more.  Even trips to WalMart would broaden his world at this point.  Parker’s growing up in an abstract world without the concrete follow up.

I felt pretty good about taking him to the Aquarium a few months ago.  Just once really wasn’t enough.  He needs to go enough times for what he’s seeing to become familiar to him.

You just can’t do drive by life experiences and hope they stick.

There has got to be a way I can maintain Parker’s health while still widening his circle of experience.

I’m open to suggestions.  You got any?




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