It’s funny how when I woke up today a brand new fifty-one, I didn’t really feel that much different than I did at twenty-one.

Okay, so my left knee is giving me fits and I don’t sleep as well as I used to, but you get my drift. The me that has always been….still is.

Oh, there are places where the shine has worn off.

Places where the paint has been nicked so deeply that if you look close enough you can see straight through to my soul.

But really. Each one of those nicks and scars represent some refining event……both great and small. An opportunity to learn a new truth, to gain wisdom and to grow a little bit closer to my Heavenly Father.

So while parts of me may not be as beautiful as they once were to the world, I believe they make me a wee bit dearer to a Father in Heaven who provided these learning opportunities, knowing that each was needed in order to bring me closer to Him.

Pretty good trade off I’d say.

My birthday wishes for today? A little less worry. A little more healthy. All my wishes will be in behalf of a certain little Brave Hero that hangs out around here.

And maybe, just maybe to finally (finally!) get everything together to get that generator tied into our gas line.


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