Making my way out the other end: Faith

Things have turned for the better around here.  Parker is still producing grand amounts of snot, but we’ve been able to keep him home.  The EKG is still on Monday, but my heart’s a little bit calmer about that.

I tend to go through periods where I find myself needing to grow my faith.  Periods where things are a bit uncomfortable for awhile, but if I work hard enough and put my time in with prayer, heed the wise counsel of a good friend or two who have themselves experienced what I am going through,   I come out the other side stronger than I went in.  This past month was one of those times.

Something else that has helped was a sweet note from a  blog friend.

A thank you note.

I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing a few bits from her letter.

Dear Tammy and Family,

You do not know us, but we have been following your blog for many years.  I also have a medically fragile child and found your blog when she was an infant.  I have been hooked ever since.  Your struggles have struck a chord with me because they often echo ours. 

Several years ago we were in dire financial straights.  I was a newcomer to your blog at the time and was amazed at how far you stretch a penny.  I was inspired by your creativity and frugalness.  I was in awe of your budget, especially were groceries and food were concerned.  I was a bit envious at your ability to plan for the future. 

I took much of what you do to heart.  We are no longer hemorrhaging  money everywhere..  I have learned from you and it has been our salvation in more ways than one.  When I get discouraged with my budget I think to myself, if she can do it with a way bigger family, I can too!

Though we have a slightly different faith than you, I believe God used you to help us.  He used your talents and abilities to inspire me.  This helped save my family.

I wept when I read about your burnout the other day.  I have been there.

We have, through diligent saving, been able to get back on an even keel, pay our bills and have an emergency plan and fund in place.  We have food storage to get past any bumps.  (yay! `Tammy)

I prefer to not have you know who we are, but know that God has a perfect plan, a hope and a future. 

Thank you,

A Friend

A perfect plan, a hope and a future.  Such beautiful words, no?

While, between you and I, I really don’t do anything special, it is nice to know that there is someone out there who has found some ideas to bring into her own family from what I do in my family.

This note touched my heart in so many ways.  It whispered that while I might not be able to do all that I would like for Parker and my family, when I am doing my very best, it is enough.

I am so thankful for all the friends I have made through this little blog of Parker’s.  It’s so nice to know that there are those who understand my heart, and are willing to stand by me during the times I question myself and wonder if there isn’t more I should be doing.

Thank you.

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