Election Promises for those with Special Needs




Lately, as I make my way through days with CNN and Fox News, I watch as Presidential wannabes stand up and make promise after promise after promise.

…..I  promise to stand behind small business owners.

…..I promise to stand behind coal workers.

…..I promise to create more jobs than my  challenger.

…..I promise cut out waste in the government.

…..I promise to make life better for the middle class.

……I support the 100%

……I promise to save the whales, cure global warming, and insure that you won’t have to money to pay your next electricity bill……especially one that is 4x higher than the norm because your kid is oxygen and vent dependent.

But you know what kind of election promise I’d REALLY love to hear?  It would go something like this:

As President of the United States I pledge my support to a population that is often overlooked, underfunded, bullied, and made the butt of demeaning jokes.  I pledge my support to the amazing group of people we refer to as having special needs.

  • I vow to help the world recognize and respect the great potential found within the special needs population.
  • I commit to fund  special ed with as much care as regular ed, and in such a way that actually meets the needs of children with special needs. I promise that unlike Utah’s Senator Osmond I will not take funding from special education to fund pet projects.  (I guess if you can’t sing your only other option is to go in to lawmaking…..)
  • I promise to create  tax breaks for families raising medically fragile children like I do for the wealthy.
  • I  guarantee the exact same insurance both federal and state elected leaders receive on the tax payers dime.  (ahem)
  • As President of the United Sates I will walk away from Sunday Platitudes where I try to  make myself look good by waxing spiritual about how close to Heaven your child with Down syndrome truly is, and get off my dead ass as I put my words into actions that will ensure your child with special needs will be treated like an equal.
  • No longer will I suggest hosting a BBQ to fund your child’s $2,000 a month vent rental.  Instead I will roll up my sleeves and address the issues that led to a vent requiring a $2,ooo dollar check each and every month to simply rent in the first place.
  • Instead of making families feel guilty for the Medicaid their medically fragile child receives, while spouses of federally elected officials act on insider trading tips, and state leaders accepted the gift of lobbyists, I will support your dedication to meeting your child’s health care needs rather than than pointing out that ‘everyone has to die sometime.’  (TRUE story, btw.)


Parker for President!

Parker for President!



I’m telling ya, as I listen to these politicians stump, I swear it’s as though America is comprised only of those with a typical number of chromosomes, two legs to walk on, intelligence levels based on ‘normal’….. or in other words the totally typical population.  The only time I hear Down syndrome or Autism mentioned is to use  these communities as a wedge in a self serving agenda.



Surely,  how we as a country treat the weakest among us should be a little higher up on the political totem pole, wouldn’t you think?




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