Earth Day, Hodson Style – Complete with a Book Giveaway!

Last month Reed decided that a few of the trees lining our stream had to go. He and Rigel spent the day felling trees, and in Rigel’s case running for his life in fear of be squashed by a tree or two.

I hate to see any tree cut down. But the reality was that these trees were cutting off much needed sunshine from a large section of our garden, rendering it useless.


To add insult to injury, the parts of the trees that were still alive sent millions of tiny seedlings down into our garden, creating hours of work to weed them out before they overtook the more important plants.

The branches and smaller parts went through the chipper to create mulch.


And the mulch was then roto-tilled into our garden by Reed, with his Dad’s roto-tiller. I have no doubt that the hours spent tilling were filled with memories of his Dad and the years he spent tilling new life into the hundreds of gardens tended by his hand.


While the mulch decomposes, enriching our garden soil, it will also serve to keep down weeds and help to keep moisture in the ground longer, allowing us to water less and forgo the need of chemicals.


Trying to find a balance between living simply and sustainably while tending to the needs of a medically fragile child with special needs was at first overwhelming. Truth be told the first two gardening seasons with Parker were more on the line of throwing the seeds out and allowing them to fend for themselves. I won’t go into detail how we watched any fruits rot as we simply didn’t have the energy needed to deal with them.

Yet living simply and finding balance is crucial to a life such as ours.

I began by purging my home of things not being used. Then I fine tuned the purge to the point where I kept only things that were truly loved. And I’m fine tuning my fine tuning.

Eyebrows were raised at many items I found new homes for, but if you haven’t used a bread machine in the three years you have owned it, why exactly is it still setting on your kitchen counter?

Slowly I’ve branched out into other areas in my quest to find balance. I’ve read several books in order to see what others have done who share my same goal.

One that I’ve just finished reading, and is by far my favorite, is Living The Good Life.

How one family changed their world from their own backyard.

Linda’s engaging writing has inspired me to realized that it isn’t about doing it all, it’s about doing what you can. It’s about setting goals to reach your life’s dream. It’s about empowering yourself to no longer care what the Jones’ next door are doing. It’s about being happier and in your own unique way delighting in the simple things.

During my reading I experienced Aha! moments too many to count. And I’d like to pass the positive impact this book has had on my life to someone else.

If you find yourself on this same journey , leave me a note in the comment section below and I’ll choose one of you to send this book to. Just know that is wasn’t new when I received it, and that it will come to you dog-eared and well loved

Happy Earth Day


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