Dreaming of Growing Blueberries in Utah

I know that most blogs are posting words in hues of green and red and here I am talking about growing blueberries in Utah.  If you knew how long I’d been hoping to be able to score some whiskey half barrels for this project, you might under stand more.  The soil in my area has lost a lot of it’s acidity.  And blueberries need plenty of acidity to grow. So much that if I were to make the area where they grew that acidic, I’d kill off anything else trying to grow there.

whiskey barrells

Whiskey barrels can run anywhere from $75.00 – $100.00 each. Way out of my budget. Then I met up with a friend who had a ton of barrels she needed to get rid of and I had a a ton of tomatoes, peppers and hubbard squash that needed a new home.  Viola.  Two happy gardeners.

wooden half barrel


This spring we’ll fill the barrels with a combination of materials to create the perfect acidic environment for growing blueberries.

Little bit by little bit, our backyard garden is yielding more of what we eat and add to Parker’s blenderized diet

That’s one of the best gifts this Mama could ever hope for.


PS:  The air quality in Utah is horrid.  You go outside and you can TASTE this thickness of the air.  Parker’s right lung sound awful.  Inversions suck.

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