Double Coupons at Walmart!

My local Walmart has started something new.

In a bid to compete with a local grocery store that doubles coupons each Tuesday, our local Walmart is now also offering double coupon Tuesday.

At first I wasn’t too interested.  I don’t do a lot of shopping at Wally’s and have some mixed feelings about the techniques they employ to keep those prices so low.   Plus I’ve really been trying to pay more attention as to where my food comes from.



And then I remembered my monthly grocery budget and the hit it’s taken lately with increasing prices…and I caved.  Seems as though my need to make a stand against certain things ends where my family’s stomach begins.



Doubled, the C&H Sugar coupons I had made each 2 pound bag of powdered and brown sugar .88 cents each, or .44 cents a pound.



The small bottles of pickles were .64 cents each. The large $1.16 each. Right now they are on sale at another grocery store 2/$5.00.


The Huggies wipes, after doubling my .50 off coupon, rang in at .94 cents each. For the most part I use cloth wipes, but disposable wipes come in handy for 72 hour kits, and the once in a while days we don’t use cloth on a certain Teeny Tiny Designer Hiney.

If you have a grocery store near you that doubles coupons, your local Walmart may also double as well, especially if you live in Utah County.

Now….about the 50 bottles of free after coupon Fuze I picked up yesterday….heh.

PS: Just so you know, our family is coming up on Birthday Alley. The two months where just about every single one of us has a birthday. The Fuze will be held back not only for these birthdays, but the 4th of July as well. My kids by NO means get this stuff often.


  1. McKinley May 4, 11
    • Tammy & Parker May 5, 11
      • Ellen May 11, 11
        • Tammy & Parker May 11, 11
  2. Paige May 5, 11
    • Tammy & Parker May 5, 11
  3. 3rd Child May 9, 11
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