Did You Hear?

I’ll admit it. I’m not really much of a pageant person. It’s just one of those little quirks in my personality those around me are forced to deal with each and every day.

Then I heard about the Miss USA pageant. How Miss California was presented with the question of whether other states should follow in Vermont’s footsteps and allow same sex marriage. Why or why not?

The question being asked by Perez Hilton, himself a gay man.

Now Miss California’s answer wasn’t the most poised. And I expect she was even more nervous answering such a controversial question.

But answer it she did. Truthfully, and without intent to hurt others, she stated that she believed marriage should be held to the definition of being between one man and one woman.

Apparently that was not the answer Mr. Hilton wanted to hear.

Perez has spent the day in the spotlight where he is claiming that a Miss USA should be an all inclusive representative of our country. Thus justifying why Miss California, a clear front runner, was no longer a contestant worthy of his vote.

All inclusive? Really Mr. Hilton? This bit of insight from a man who makes his money by pointing his finger and snickering?

Last night the message came through loud and clear. Be careful in your choice to publicly disagree with same sex marriage.

Political correctness over Personal Integrity, anyone?

I’m not sure this was the most fair question to ask. Especially compared to the ‘gee, tell us how you plan to solve world hunger’ type of questions the others chose.

But I’d like Miss California to know that she has my vote. In today’s society it takes great guts to stand up and answer to what you believe in without hesitation.

Even though she had to know that her answer would cost her the pageant right then and there.

Some contests are far more valuable than shiny rhinestone tiaras can reflect.

In that respect Miss California took home the grand prize.


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