Defining Enough

Tuesday Parker, our nurse and I stopped by on the way home from his feeding therapy at Kid to Kid to see if the Little Tykes Rocking Horse  they had was big enough for our Brave Hero to add to his list of items we use to provide him with vestibular input.

It was too small……but not by much.


I’ll keep looking at yard sales for it’s bigger cousin, the Rocking Alligator.  Maybe I can score one for a great price that way.  I’ve been building up some major yard sale excitement this year.  I have several things on my list to hopefully find.

The next day I made a quick runner into a local thrift store to check if maybe they might have our coveted item.  Still no luck, however I did find 2 1.5 liter pyrex oven save casserole bowls.  Brand new each of these would have set me back close to $10.00.  Mine don’t have lids, but I don’t need the lids so I was thrilled at my $1.50 (tax free) price tag.

Sure, it would be great to be able to purchase that alligator new. Plus I’m a giant vintage Pyrex fan.  It wouldn’t take much effort at all to have laid down $50 bucks for each vintage beauty.

Buying them used and from thrift stores meet my requirements of enough.

Reality is that it takes very little for us to be happy.  Even less of that has to be new to make us happy.  But we do need to take the time to discover our own personal definition of enough.

I’m realizing that as I keep a tight hold to what is enough, my level of happiness goes up greatly.

These are areas of life where I am finding happiness as I define what is enough.

Family.  I recently had an opportunity for an online job that would have paid well, but required MANY hours a week.  Hours I need to work with Parker.  I really struggled over this decision.  Boy, howdy would the money have been awesome, especially with a missionary on the horizon and needing to make that monthly payment.  After a lot of prayer, talks with Reed and my Mom, the spirit whispered to me that my time needed to be put towards my family and the everyday things I do to save money that I would no longer have time to do if I worked online.  The realization that I am only one person with so much energy hit hard as I looked over all that I need to do with Parker during a day……..and Parker needs to be my priority.

Dehydrated Fruits and Veggies

Making do.  I consider this kind of a friendly competition with myself to see how little I can spend.

Paying off debt.  One day those medical bills will be behind us.

No longer trying to ‘ keep up.’  It can be a little disheartenting watching others go on big trips, buy new cars, have the new furniture truck stop by their houses.  Letting go of these kinds of feelings is so incredibly freeing. 

Being as self sustaining as possible.  Gardening.  Canning.  Dehydrating.  Building my pantry on the least amount of money possible.  Having enough to share.

Johnny's Seeds


Being Grateful  No doubt about it, I am so much happier when I take the time to look around me and give thanks for all I have been given.  Prayers answered.  Needs  met.

Defining what is enough for me may be different than defining what is enough for someone else.  Many may be able to do with less than what I’ve been able to do with so far.

Parker’s needs are greater than mine in ways that are different as mine as well.  While physical therapy was never a need for my other 5 kids, it’s a HUGE need for Parker.  And I’m going to have to figure out how to provide some intense private therapy for him as our school district is cutting out most all of his physical therapy starting this summer.

How do you define enough?  What brings you happiness as you strive to find what is enough for you?

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” – Mahatma Gandhi




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