Dear Insurance Company

I understand the need for your employees being educated and inserviced on a regular basis.

But is it really necessary for you to fly your executives to exotic locales for conferences?

What, exactly, is wrong with a local hotel’s conference center?

Besides helping local businesses stay afloat in such a tough economy, it would have cost much, much, much less.

I can’t help but wonder how many vents, (the sort of which you have denied coverage of for Parker,) skipping your last executive retreat would have paid for.

I’m willing to bet that the yearly bonuses your executives receive this year will pay for some mighty fine Christmases for their families.

While Reed and I struggle to provide any Christmas at all for our family this year.

As Reed and I start to scrape the bottom of Parker’s 1 million dollar lifetime coverage, and stare at a very uncertain Medicaid future, I hope you remember one thing:

Here, but for the Grace of God, go YOU.

With an insurance company that could do unto you the way you have done unto us.

Think about it would you please?

Perhaps, if you look deep enough, you might be able to find a tender spot for our family…..

…..say in the form of a few gas cards to help us with the trips up and back to PCMC to be with our son.

Or maybe a grocery card or two?

Only seems fair since we are helping to finance your exotic retreats and all.

Oh. You don’t participate in acts of compassion?

Yeah. I didn’t really think so either.


  1. Kei Nov 10, 08
  2. MomOf3(4ToB) Nov 10, 08
  3. Barbara
    Nov 10, 08
  4. Kaci Nov 10, 08
  5. Kay Nov 11, 08
  6. Karen (Pediascribe) Nov 11, 08
  7. Katie Nov 11, 08
  8. Barb Nov 11, 08
  9. Nicole Nov 13, 08
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