Dear Friday

I was a little bit worried that you were going to be like the last 14 days have been. Rough. Really rough. But surprisingly enough you’ve been a bit more merciful than your predecessors.

If I had to pick a favorite moment it would have to have been when Parker very gingerly bounced over to me and laid his head on my arm. I’m pretty sure this was his way of declaring a truce. And for that I am so very thankful.

The worst moment would have to be when I realized that school had only been out for an hour and already my 12 year old was making me contemplate duct taping him to the wall.

Face first.

But then I realized that between the severe sleep deprivation I am experiencing, and my increasing need (NEED, I tell you) for a Dr. Pepper Over Ice I may (just maybe) be a little pisser than I truly have a right to be.

Of course I will deny any and all claims of ever actually admitting that.

I have quite a few loads of laundry to do while your sun is still shining. I couldn’t help but feel really bad when I noticed that Reed had to dry off with one of Parker’s prefold diapers after his shower this morning. Every once in a while these things get away from me. But my husband is very understanding and simply hung up the prefold after he finished using it. No complaining. No snide remarks. And because of that I want to make sure that tomorrow he has many,many clean and fluffy towels to choose from. I won’t even mention it if he forgets and leaves it laying in a wet puddle on the floor.

At least this once, anyway.

So, Friday, I hope you continue to be a gentle and laid back kind of day. We could all really use that around here.

And let’s hope that Saturday will be willing to follow your example.


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